Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Unit Testing - You should read this!

LoneStar is now somewhat in a visible shape, wobbling, but atleast it has a shape... Yes, its stucture still changes for the better, but again, it still has a shape...
I am looking into making some unit testing models for LoneStar, Yea we all have done unit testings here and there, implemented it maybe, or just wrote more tests into the test files...
But i came across this valuable post by Brian Button, followed by another one from Roy Osherove.
Very valuable indeed...
I have seen the test files written in the project files when i was working with Accenture, and trust me, ppl working in that project really need to read the above posts!
In accenture, we used N-Unit for testing purposes, but after using VSTS, the project created by VSTS looks nicer and easier to use and maintain...
But since we have moved to VS.NET 2005 Professional Edtion from VSTS, I'm planning to follow the test project pattern generated by VSTS to make testing models for LoneStar..

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