Friday, July 15, 2005

Major Change - Bloodline

We have been using typed datasets(which are heavy as we all know) for LoneStar. But as we slowly move forward, more and more disadvantages are showing.
So we made a drastic decision. Change the blood line from Typed Data Sets to custom objects...
Considering the existing work that we have done, it will definetly take some time to change the business entity from datasets to custom objects, but there is a good news, we are still using the same typed datasets! Where? inside the custom classes!
We get some advantages here...
1) We still retain the typed tables in our custom classes making the job of the develope a lot easier, compared to classes with untyped datatables or untryped datasets or simple classes or even typed datasets!2) We make the bloodline of our projects ( the business entities) a lot more leaner compared to typed datasets!!3) We still have those typed datasets in the project, but they are now arranged logically accroding to the modules and all the dirty work is done by the lean custom entity classes.4) We still get to enjoy the benefits of Typed DataTables because of custom enties still contains those typed DataTables, but they are more leaner as the objects utilize _only_ the requried tables!

I will be posting a skeleton of how the above is done although most of you already get the idea!

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