Monday, January 17, 2005

SQL Server 2005 Installation

I wanted so much to start playing with SQL Server 2005, but there was one obstruction that was holding me back - I just couldn't install it on my PC. I was able to install everything including VS.Net 2005, .Net Framework 2.0, but the SQL Server 2005 just wasn't getting installed on my PC. I mean the installation was successfull with a few errors but it just refused to work with the VS.Net. After some sharing and poking around on the web, I realised that 'some' machines had this problem and 'some' didn't and my home machine happened to be one of those unlucky ones :( Since at work I cannot install 2.0 utils, I was being deprived of 2.0... Then my friend Sanjeev Sharma from Microsoft Singapore gave me a tip which I followed and got SQL Server 2005 successfully installed on my PC for the first time. Yes, hold you horses I am gonna share the tip with you, why else will I post this entry?Here's his tip :Uninstall everythin from your PC related to 2.0 Framework (VS.Net 2005, the foul installation of SQL Server 2005, etc etc.). Then go and delete all the Microsoft.Net folder manually from all drives(if you have more than one drive and you install on other drives to save space on C:)After removing all the 2.0 dev programs and deleting all traces of the .Net installation folders manually, install the SQL Server 2005. No, do not install the .Net 2.0 Framework yourself before that! SQL Server 2005's installation will automatically install the .Net 2.0 Framework before installing the SQL Server.And there you go, SQL Server 2005 successfully installed! Enjoy!

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