Friday, January 07, 2005

Google Vs. Microsoft ???

I like searching on google. I like the fact that the word 'google' has become a synonym for 'search'. I like GMail too along with many other applications that google is building, testing and previewing. But I like Microsoft too, so what if hotmail is not as good as GMail, or msn search is not as good at google(i have not tested this with the new msn search).Now, I like both!But will the future let google reign?According to this clip it does.... But then again, its just a flash animation that two guys came up with.On the other hand this video states the fact of what the future holds. Is shows you how Microsoft is providing so much convenience for our future, and how Microsoft is lifting the technology realm higher and higher. Which is what we need.Indeed google is doing it too, and I cant compare google and Microsoft at all.But i just wanted to jot down my opinion when I saw the contrast between the above mentioned links.Do take a look at the two above mentioned links and decide for yourself what the future holds...I appologize for starting this post with a comparision between Microsoft and Google. I really appreciate what both of the companies are doin - A great job!

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