Monday, September 27, 2004

Whats your goal?

Everybody has dreams, goals and aspirations... Whats yours?
Everyone has lots of stuff goin' thru their minds every second that he/she wants to achieve in life.
Ever thought about it in detail? Ever though of jotting it down? Ever thought of planning your 1 and only life? Wanna get a Ph.D before you hit 30? Masters? Wanna own a BMW 700 series? Perhaps a Bunglow?
Well, I know Ithink of it.... Always..... At this point in my life when i am 22, my head is filled with wants, aspirations, and goals that I want to achieve.
What should I do that might help me to plan? should I make a FREE Life Planner Software to help me and you to reach or atleast keep track of our goals and dreams?
As I recall, i wanted to be a scientist when i was a kid, wanted to build a laboratory next to a huge bungalow that would of-course be mine. Then I wanted to be a fighter pilot, then an IT Expert. Well.. I dont know where i am goin with this but... something needs to be done..(atleast for me) I want wake up and grab life by the throat and make it go the way I want it to go damn it!
Why do I have to follow what life leads me to do? Why doesn't it go the way I want it to go?
Perhaps a software to keep the important things that can help me to drive my life in view? maybe i will take some action for some of the goals?
I dunno...
But I know something needs to be done!
Why dont you gimme suggestion as to what should be done? Some software that can assist you to do something? Action-planning software to get control of life?

There's gotta be something.......

I need your 2 cents !

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