Friday, May 28, 2004

A new start at Accenture

Finally The Lord gave me an opportunity to work in Accenture( and i joined Accenture on the 31st of may. Well, its kinda mix of development and bug fixing job in Accenture. But I get to gain lotsa experience in a big company like this and the best part is that I am working with .NET (C# and ASP.NET), ain't that just the stuff I was dying for...Anyway, the only reason, me getting this job so fast after my Diploma is the Favour of my Heavenly Father. This time its TOTALLY Him, trust me, it all happened to me.Working hours are long, 9-12 hours a day and usually there's a need to come to work on saturdays as well.I am thinking of making a software on the side as well, not as easy job with the 10 hour job that I am doing, but the Lord will plan something for me.Eventual goal - to work in Microsoft and develop new technologiesThinking of taking a MCSD too...lotsa stuff in my head...gotta ask the Lord to make plans to for all the stuff that I want to do.

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