Friday, May 28, 2004

A new start at Accenture

Finally The Lord gave me an opportunity to work in Accenture( and i joined Accenture on the 31st of may. Well, its kinda mix of development and bug fixing job in Accenture. But I get to gain lotsa experience in a big company like this and the best part is that I am working with .NET (C# and ASP.NET), ain't that just the stuff I was dying for...Anyway, the only reason, me getting this job so fast after my Diploma is the Favour of my Heavenly Father. This time its TOTALLY Him, trust me, it all happened to me.Working hours are long, 9-12 hours a day and usually there's a need to come to work on saturdays as well.I am thinking of making a software on the side as well, not as easy job with the 10 hour job that I am doing, but the Lord will plan something for me.Eventual goal - to work in Microsoft and develop new technologiesThinking of taking a MCSD too...lotsa stuff in my head...gotta ask the Lord to make plans to for all the stuff that I want to do.

Thursday, May 20, 2004


This is great!!! I got to go to my first MSDN Day.. another truly amazing event by Microsoft.. Boy! Do I wish i could become one of those great speakers that Microsoft has.... Damn good!Again lots of freebies and some exclusive CDs...I wanted to join the developers contest but didn't have a NoteBook to bring along.. :(
Maybe i could have won... :D the contest and got myself a brand new PocketPC.. big loss.. :(Anyways, bottom line - TONS OF FUN AT MSDN DAY!

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Crystal Reports V.10 Launch

Went to Crystal Reports V.10 Launch. today, well i have to say its a great tool.. definetly worth a try.
But they way they conducted the event wasn't really that good as microsoft... but then, Microsoft is microsoft :)They did give away free trial versions of their v10..havent had the time to try it yet.. but soon...

Monday, May 10, 2004

Microsoft Secure to Survive Summit

went to my first Microsoft event on the 12th and the 13th of may 2004... It was amazing!Microsoft really knows how to hold conferences and meeting. Marvelous...
There were some great speakers like Steve Reilly etc. It was truly great and i thank God that i got to go.Learnt tons of new stuff and got a lot of freebies, free CD's , WinXP SP2, etcturns out, networking stuff isn't that boring and dry after all...

Start of working life at In Touch Systems

Finally graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic and got a job in In Touch Systems Pte. Ltd.(a small local POS softaware producing company) I joined In Touch Systems on 3rd of Feb 2004 i.e immediately after my diploma. Working there wasn't much fun, neither did i get to play much with .NET(which i wanted to very desperately & which is what they heired me as - ASP.NET Developer) inspite of their promise. So obvioulsy, I didn't enjoy working there nor did I have any peace of mind. Have a new opportunity of working with Accenture...

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